A few things to fill you in

How Does Virtual Reality Work? 
Virtual Reality tricks your brain into believing you are in a 3D world. Different VR platforms also have different specifications on the headsets themselves.
Is VR for me if I am not a gamer or enjoy playing videos games?
Definitely.  In SVR we have different experiences and technology appropriate for different ages and interests. Most VR sets are recommended for minimum age 10 but we have 9D simulators for younger audiences. Children under 5 are not admitted to the game area but they are welcomed in our lounge area. 
How Long is Each Experience?
Depends on the Experience. Around 5-8 minutes on the simulators and on our VR Stations you can play up to 15 minutes any game you want. If you reserved, then you can stay and play in that station alone or with your friends for up to the time of the package you purchased.
How do I start? What do I have to do?
In 4 simple steps you will be ready to enjoy  SVR ‘s  immersive experience.
1. Arrive to SVR Miami Arcade located in Colonial Palm Plaza, Palmetto Bay.
Here you will find a large variety of VR Simulators and VR stations to play alone or with your friends in a multiplayer environment.
2. Choose and pay the package that  best suits your needs.
3. Sign the release, you can also do it previously online.
4.  Choose the VR selection that best suits your interests. You can use VR headsets for a complete gallery of experiences such as Arizona Sunshine, Richie’s Plank, Zombies or Fruit Ninja VR. You can also choose the multi or single user 9D  VR simulators that offer more than 30 experiences. From roller coasters to ninja worlds or ocean and mermaid adventures. 
We have tested all the experiences, we will gladly suggest what best suits your interests.  Ask! Don’t be shy.
You can purchase a 30 minute or a 1 hour ticket and you can enjoy as many rides and games as you want during that time period
If you want to come with your friends or spend time at a specific station or game, we strongly recommend that you make a reservation.
Everybody must sign a waiver and follow the rules set at the venue. For children under the age of 18, parents must sign waiver on their behalf. You can do it online to save time.
Do I need to pay if I am just going to see…?
To enter the gaming area, everybody must pay. It’s like going to a museum. If you want to watch or wait for a friend or family member, you are welcome at our lounge where we will take care of you!
Private Events
SVR is the perfect place for you to celebrate a birthday, have an offsite with your coworkers or enjoy an amazing experience with your friends. The place can be yours for a couple of hours. Find out more at our events section or contact us and we´ll help you organize a great experience!