Unimersiv is the largest platform for VR educational experiences. Our app for the HTC Vive includes multiple field trips from the interior of the ISS to Ancient Rome that will let you learn using Virtual Reality.

Anatomy Experience

How many bones do we have? Want to know more to the human body come and check it out.


Have you ever wanted to walk beside giants dinosaurs? Now you can with us!.


Walk into the streets of Rome and get a peek into the colosseum to know where the gladiators used to fight.


Want to know how the biggest ship of the world used to look before it sank? This is a must do.

Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR lets you explore the world from totally new perspectives in virtual reality. Stroll the streets of Tokyo, soar over the Grand Canyon, or walk around the Eiffel Tower.
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Mars Odyssey is a single player VR simulator experience. Land on Earth’s sister planet. Walk the surface of Mars in your living room and interact with full-scale, realistic NASA Landers and Rovers. Learn about the Red Planet, its history, and its geography in this interactive experience. Play time: 20 min.
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